The MyBevi Story

(A Retail Resource Group, LLC Brand)

We established the Retail Resource Group company in 1998, and for the last 22 years we have remained focused on our vision to be leaders in the travel drinkware industry through our unique design innovations and our superior quality product offerings. We have enjoyed great mutual success by partnering with the largest retailers in the USA and Canada with our wide assortment of both cold beverage and hot beverage drinking containers and vessels.

Our Quench Hydration brand products for use with water and all ice cold beverages, along with our Savor Premium Drinkware brand products for use with coffee, tea, and all other hot beverages, have created outstanding consumer awareness and satisfaction.

With the future in mind, we are proud to introduce our My Bevi “Drink life to the fullest” brand of products.

MyBevi has been created to combine the best of our Quench Hydration and Savor Premium brands under 1 new and exciting brand name. Fit for your life, made in your style, filled with what makes you, you – that’s MyBevi.

At MyBevi, we craft exceptionally made products, created to be as unique as you are and to go with you wherever your life takes you. We invite you to enjoy our assortment of MyBevi products.


Jeffrey T. Rohe
President & CEO
Retail Resource Group, LLC

Our corporate mantra is Innovation not Imitation!