Classic Tumbler Lid (Gray)


**Only order lid style that matches the original lid that came on your tumbler**

Compatible with 26 & 16 oz Classic Tumbler, 20 oz Quatro Tumbler (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUATRO SLIM TUMBLER) 24 oz Americana Tumbler, and all sizes of the Brute Tumbler

Thread on/off Classic slide tab closure lid (straw hole compatible)

Removable lid slider for easy cleaning

**Classic lid is not leak proof, and will not prevent spilling**

Hand wash only. High temperatures in some dishwashers can cause damage to lids

Be sure to hand wash your new lid before use


Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Michael Keaton
Thank you MyBevi for helping my travel mug, travel once again

We lost the lid to our MyBevi travel mug. So, it was still great at keeping things hot or cold, but not as useful in a bumpy car. On a fluke I went to the website and found a very very reasonable price for a replacement lid. Other manufacturers charge you 1/2 or more of the price of a new mug to replace the lid. Thank you MyBevi for being good human beings!

Ann R Stewart
Great Value

The lids fit my tumbler fantastically!👍

Denise Cope
Lid replacement

My tumbler fell and chipped the lid..received order with new lid quickly. While the tumbler is great at keeping my liquids cold for a very long time I wish the outside clear coating would not be peeling off. Makes the tumbler look unclean.

Marika Thomas
Fits, sort of, Customer service is amazing

*****Update: though My issue is unresolvable as My cup is discontinued, Customer service did contact me the same day I left the original review. Nate, from MyBevi looked up My tumbler and gave me the bad news. He has offered to poke around the office and see if perhaps one of my obsolete lids is lying around. That got the 5 star rating from me. We will see if I ever get a lid but Nate is first rate in My book! Thank you Nate!
*****(Original review)My cup from MyBevi wasn't pictured, so I guessed between the 2 options for threaded lids.
It sort of fits. The thread is too long for my cup, so the gasket and cup never meet, but its a lid, the diameter is perfectish and it doesn't leak from the thread with cold liquids. We will see how it goes with hot liquids in it.
As you can plainly see, MyBevi is my staunch + well loved partner in work and play, It keeps my chai or coffee hot for hours while I work on an organic fruit tree farm in Maine. It's my essential cup. I hope this lid functions. I am an agricultural worker, so a new cup isn't in the cards at the moment.

Jim K.
Like New!

Made my tumbler like new again, fits perfectly. Love my Brute!

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