Classic Tumbler Lid (Gray)


**Only order lid style that matches the original lid that came on your tumbler**

Compatible with 26 & 16 oz Classic Tumbler, 20 oz Quatro Tumbler (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH QUATRO SLIM TUMBLER) 24 oz Americana Tumbler, and all sizes of the Brute Tumbler

Thread on/off Classic slide tab closure lid (straw hole compatible)

Removable lid slider for easy cleaning

**Lid helps prevent leaks, but is not spill proof, please use caution**

Hand wash only. High temperatures in some dishwashers can cause damage to lids

Be sure to hand wash your new lid before use


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Larry W.
The Best Cup

After much comparative research, I found these cups to be the best at keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. After 7 years I replaced a damaged lid and the cup is like new again.

Ronald Elbertson
Happy Wife !

My wife searched for days for lids for our new favorite Dunkin cups and finally found them!!!

Jenna Alcenius
Love this cup

I broke the lid to my favorite coffee mug and was very happy to come here and find a replacement. Works great!

So happy!

I dropped my tumbler years ago on the lid and it broke. Never thought about getting a replacement until recently and decided to give it a try. Much to my happinesss it fits perfectly even though my tumbler is years old! Back with my beloved MyBevi! Thank you!!

Paul Brunetto
This lid design is far better than the lids with the loops and tiny, fragile gray slide

This lid design is far better than the lids I got with my last two cups (with the loop and tiny gray slide that is fragile). I originally had two cups, and they are very durable, but I dropped them repeatedly and eventually chipped the lids. The second two cups I bought through Amazon, The ad on Amazon had pictures of the old lid, but I got the newer looped ones instead,,, nope, no thank you.
Thank you for still selling the loop-free lid. Please keep making them. Now I need to buy two more, to have lids for all my cups, even my old dinged up cups.

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